Research Areas

Current Research projects

Validation of drought tolerant QTL (IAEA project)
Improvement of glutinous rice by biotechnology techniques
Use of nuclear and plastid DNA markers in the study of diversity, conservation and development of endangered forest species
Cloning of drought resistant genes and construction of vector for effective transformation
Molecular cloning of heavy metal tolerant genes
Identification of molecular markers for smut disease and sugar content in sugarcane
Development of a protocol for cultivar identification in rice using molecular markers that used in distinctiveness, uniformity, and stability (DUS) testing.
Main Achievements

Protocols for multiplication of Pineapple, Banana, Sugarcane, Roses and Carnation
Produced blast resistant rice BR12 by in vitro screening callus cells with P. oryzae toxin. Field tested in several Provinces (Hanoi, Ha Tay, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai, and Thai Binh)
Culture systems for medical plants : Taxus wallichiana, Maesa balance, Crinum latifolium
Successfully, produced of chloroplast transformed tobacco plants using direct gene transfer technique
Successfully, produced cytoplasmic hybrids between Salpiglossis and Tobacco, and between Potato and Tobacco by protoplast fusion
Applied RAPD, SSR, AFLP, STS markers for genetic diversity study and molecular mapping.
Constructed a molecular linked map for root traits related to drought tolerance in upland rice with 36 SSR and 203 AFLP markers on 12 chromosomes with total length of 3973.1 cM. Identified and validated several QTL for drought tolerance in rice
Patent: One patent on micropropagation of pineapple var. Cayenne.
Publication: Published 94 scientific articles included 8 in international journals and two books on plant tissue culture and gene transfer in plant
Training: until 2010, 3 Ph.D, 10 M.Sc., and 34 undergraduate students were educated in the Lab.