Research Areas

Genomic, proteomic, bioinformatic

Studying characterizations of vietnamese human genomic and proteomic
Studying constructs and functions of genes and proteins
Applying molecular biotechnology for identification, classification and preservation of biodiversity of gene resources of animals, plants and microorganisms.
Building the genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic databases

Gene technology

Studying and developing pharmaceutical recombinant proteins.
Studying and developing recombinant vaccines.
Producing diagnosis kits based on recombinant proteins

Biotechnology of microorganisms

Estimating, selecting and exploiting mircoorganisms for using in agriculture, medicine, food processing and polluted environmental treatment.
Developing fermentation systems, fundamental technologies to improve the effect of productions of recombinant protein and bioactive substances in microorganisms.

Protein and enzyme technology

Purifying and improving the commercial enzymes
Screening target proteins for medicine.
Designing and developing the bioactive peptides.

Plant biotechnology

Developing plant cell biotechnologies for preservation and micropropagation of crops and precious plant gene resources.
Improving characterizations of crops by selecting somaclonal variations and transgenic for hight quality and stress tolerance.
Studying biodiversity of plant viruses

Animal biotechnology

Using biotechnologies to control reproduction of dosmetic animal, sperm storage, in-vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, cell cryoconservation
Studying the production of stem cell as new material resources for regeneration medicine, and for developing biodiversity conservation.
Culturing animal cells for diagnostic and recombinant protein production.
Studying to produce transgenic animal and cloning animal


1. Plant Cell Biotechnology

2. Animal Cell Biotechnology

3. Microbiology

4. Molecular Biology & Gene Technology

5. Protein & Enzyme Biotechnology

6. Environmental Biotechnology

7. Marine biotechnology

8. Biomaterials technology

9. Nano Biotechnology

10. Medical biotechnology

11. Bioinformatics