Areas of Research

Our lab has, at present, four areas of research,

1) Microflora in the petroleum industry

2) Optimize the production of microbiological substances (biosurfactants, thermotolerant polysaccharide, biocides...) from marine microorganisms and applies for oil and other industries

3) Hydrocarbon- and toxic waste-degrading microorganisms applied for environmental protection

4) Research on the diversity of microorganisms in marine water in order to improve useful microorganisms and eliminate harmful microorganisms

Fundamental research projects

1. Isolation and selection of crude oil-utilizing sulfate reducing bacteria isolated from Vung Tau oil field

2. Producing and applying biosurfactants extracted from marine microorganisms to some industry and environmental pollution treatment

3. Diversity of useful microorganisms in marine environment around island of Cat Ba by modern biotechnology

4. Microflora in gas oil wells of Vietnam: microbial communities of stratal water, injection water, crude oil of Thaibinh and Vungtau oil fields

5. Microflora in some petroleum products such as aircraft fuel TC1, JetA1, gasoline, diesel and lubricants: tropical condition of Vietnam is suitable for microbial growing

Applied research projects

1. Successful field test of cleaning of oil pollution on Nhatrang beach by using selected bacteria

2. Application of treatment technology of sulfate - reducing bacteria in injection water on offshore oil platform

3. Selection of biocide additives for TC1 fuel, JetA1 fuel in tropical condition

4. Application of useful bacteria in petroleum industry: first successfully using of microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) in Vietnam

5. Biosynthesis of thermotolerant, polysaccharide from domestic material resources using in drilling mud for oil industry. Some polysaccharide-producing bacteria were isolated from sugar factory and gas - oil wells. The product formed by these bacteria can be used as a good additive for drilling fluids