Areas of Research

Production of Monoclonal Antibodies:

  •  Fusing the lymphoma B with myeloma cells to get hybridomas producing wanted MoAb.
  •  Cloning and scale up of hybridomas to obtain the large amount of wanted MoAb.
  •  Purifying and conjugating of MoAb with gold colloid for test strip manufacturing

In vitro culturing of animal cells and application in bioassay and drug discovery

  •  Culture and store of 42 animal cell lines for different applications
  •  Implement a panel of in vitro bioassays, for example the cytotoxic assay, quinone reductase inducing assay, aromatase inhibiting assay, Caspase-3 inducing assay, HL60 differentiation assay, anti-inflammatory etc.
  •  Doing research on cancer biology as well as active mechanism of potential compounds by applying microarray technique.
  •  Experimental tumorization on mice
  •  Initial research on gene expression in animal cells

Stem cell research

  • Directed differentiation of stem cells into beta cells – the insulin producing cells

In vivo bioassay for drug discovery

  •  Determination of acute and sub-acute toxic activities of promising chemical compounds/agents using mice and rabbit models.
  •  Discover potential anti-tumor/anti-inflammatory/anti-osteoarthritic/anti-diabetic activities using mice and rabbit models.
  •  Other in vivo assays for evaluating potential pharmacological properties of promising chemical compounds, agents etc.