Areas of Research

We are carrying out some national projects focusing on 3 main directions:

Project: "Production and Application of monoclonal antibody for diagnosis and disease treatment in human", 2007-2009. We have produced monoclonal antibodies for molecular diagnostic tumor marker as HER2/neu specific to breast cancer; CD20, CD25 and CD33 to blood cancer; EPCA to prostate cancer; Cyfra 21-1 to lung cancer.

Using PDRT-IPCR method, we have detected the level of HER antigen in breast cancer patient' serum and CD33 antigen in blood cancer patients.

The project: "Application of genetic technique for analysis the remains of the unidentified soldiers" 2001-2003, 2003-2005. Today, We have identified 250 remains of the unidentified soldiers in Vietnam War.

The project: "Making the Drug from Bio-Resources of Vietnam for treatment of drug addicts", 2009-2010